Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a removal instructions

Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a is a false positive reported by Antivirus 2008 as a real spyware threat. Antivirus 2008 rogue anti-spyware may popup messages about Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a infection every 2-5 minutes. Moreover this parasite may hijack your homepage with fake malware scanners and other malicious web-sites. We strongly recomend to remove Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a message and Antivirus 2008 using automatical remover with free scan (Spyware Doctor premium antispyware + antivirus).

Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a screenshot:

Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a removal tool:

Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a manual removal instructions:
Delete Backdoor.Win32.TheThing.a files and disable dll's:

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