Thursday, February 21, 2013

Remove ICE Cyber Crime Center as a 400$ MoneyPak ransomware

ICE Cyber Crime Center says in a popup by black hats that your computer has been blocked providing references to provisions of real articles of Law. In particular, if your PC has got locked with the above popup, you might learn the following Articles: 184 (child porn related), 171 (copyright ), 113 (unlicensed software).
The message is a misleading notification. It is not, of course, issued by the authority included in its title. It is a prank by rascals.
The prank is not harmless though. Some easy-to-get-scared users may end up buying MoneyPak voucher as requested by the popoup. Others are limited in access to their operating systems until after they complete the removal of ICE Cyber Crime Center ransomware.
Instead of paying 400 $ demanded in the scary message, apply free scanner to get rid of ICE Cyber Crime Center scawreware, all leftovers and any other threats detected covered. Please use this link to get the suggested tool

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