Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Remove The Firewall of the United States - Computer Blocked that demands USD 200 in the name of fictional authority

The Firewall of the United States - Computer Blocked alert is meant to say absolute nonsense to those familiar with the governmental structure of this country. There is no such governmental body or tool as mentioned in the above message in such country.
That sounds as though the swindlers have run short of available names of authorities to include into their provoking misleading notifications.
The body of the message is true to the family of ransomware it belongs to. As always, user is accused of breaking the Law in its specific part. This time, the subject is narrowed to illegally downloaded material though without further details.
Removal of the Firewall of the United States - Computer Blocked popup and ransomware is not a matter of choosing between paying the fake penalty demanded to be made with MoneyPak(1) and the threats destruction(2). The only way to get rid of Firewall of the United States - Computer Blocked ransomware is through killing its components (option 2). Failure to complete the removal keeps your operating system oppressed and almost fully locked by the infection; apply free scanner available here to eliminate the malware and other threats in line with the outcome of computer memory inspection. 

 Ransomware text:
 This computer has been blocked to Americans by the US Government Firewall

 Illegally downloaded material
 (audio, videos or software)
 has been located on your computer
 By downloading, those were reproduced, thereby involving a criminal offence under Section 106 of Copyright Act.
 The downloading of the copyrighted material via the Internet or music sharing networks is illegal and is in the accordance with Section 106 of the Copyright Act subject to a fine or imprisonment for a penalty of up to 3 years.
 Furthermore, possession of illegally downloaded material is punishable under Section 184 paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code and may also lead to the confiscation of the computer, with which the files were downloaded.
 To perform the payment, enter the acquired GreenDot MoneyPack code in the designated payment field and press the “OK” button.

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