Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Remove Coupon Companion adware that makes a bad company to not altogether useless software products

Coupon Companion adware seems to be an advisory applet assisting hunters for discounts to stay tuned to recent offers of special price. Many users find the way the program runs rather annoying, yet they reasonable associate its activities with various disruptions in operating system functionality.
The most outrageous and unexpected detail about the infection is that it tends to come along with the download of a legit antivirus. In spite of that users have taken utmost care to make sure there were not any check boxes filled out by default that would mean their agreement on installing the unwanted add-on, their installation of the antivirus or its updating resulted in the installation of the above unwanted applet.
Removal of Coupon Companion adware is available with other security solutions. Please also note that installation along with other software, especially antivirus products, does not exclude other propagation methods applied to inject the rogue onto computers.
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