Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Removal of JS/BlacoleRef.W and prevention of Java redirects

JS/BlacoleRef.W is coded using advanced techniques in order to aggravate its detection. The script is inserted into websites, which protection is not maintained on proper level.
Once visitor opens an affected url, redirect occurs on the background. That is, the cunning script uses alternate channel to contact hacker’s server in order to bypass Firewall filters, if any.
The remote server is reflected in the detection name. Its name is Blackhole (conventional designation, actual url name varies). From the Blackhole server the ultimate infection for this instruction chain is dropped.
It is absolutely necessary for security reasons to get rid of JS/BlacoleRef.W . Apart from that, it is good to have a security solution installed on your PC that would be able to prevent such backdoor installation in future.
Click here in order that free scanner could detect, and enable the cleaner to remove, JS/BlacoleRef.W. Keep the suggested remedy on your PC, as it is a protection against further malware invasions, in particular, malicious Java based redirects.

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