Saturday, December 29, 2012

Remove Pup.Datamngr to avoid spying and unwanted system reconfiguring

Pup.Datamngr lurks on C drive immediately or in Program Fles directory. The detection designates executable called DataManager.exe. The malware communicates with remote server, records keystrokes and may change system settings drastically in order to aggravate the removal of Pup.Datamngr. In particular, it might block installation of antiviral tools. In an attempt to succeed in such a prevention the rogue often commits blocking of software totally unrelated to any security activities taking it for an antivirus.
Fortunately, free scanner available here is able to complete its installation despite the malware attempts to abort and block it, so that is an efficient tool for those in need to get rid of Pup.Datamngr.

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