Monday, July 25, 2011

Removal of Norton Antivirus Enhanced Protection Mode virus

Norton Antivirus Enhanced Protection Mode is a name of popular advertisement virus. Its name speaks for itself, so that program is declared by its distributor/creator an award-winning security solution. Yet it bears name which sounds somewhat familiar even to minor experience users, nothing to say of the majority of people consuming computer services as most of them, beyond any doubt, have heard something of such legitimate utility as Norton and thus are inclined to instinctively consider the counterfeit as true security solution
Genuine NortonAntivirus is a fair software product that has nothing to do with the scamware this article is going to warn users about, but the hackers stole the name of legitimate program to make their sham security tool sound legitimate.
Remove Norton Antivirus Enhanced Protection Mode long-name scam and do not confuse it with legitimate products, especially the one which name is used as part of its name in violation of every intellectual property rule.
The above name designates total counterfeit, which means it does not make a single attempt to deliver the benefits mentioned in its official description. To makes things worse, it interferes with a range of useful programs and disorders computer system while ensuring its startup registry values are properly added and there are no obstacles for its popups.
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Norton Antivirus Enhanced Protection Mode remover:

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