Monday, July 18, 2011

Removal of Jucheck.exe Trojan

Juckeck.exe is originally a Java program. In the other words, true program under such name is a trusted content. This article is in no way meant to abuse the original Java process, but is  to notify that hackers abuses user’s credit  promoting viruses and of the dangerous content under the above name.
A user thus needs to ensure the suggested content is genuine. Basic verification is available in User Account   Control popup which would name digitally signed supplier of the content signed as Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Malicious content, if hidden under the popular Java process name, would not pass the authenticity  verification and be marked Unknown. That is a typical trojan’s trick and one should decline the invitation for the above executable to make any changes, where the publisher is unknown.
You might need to get rid of Jucheck.exe, where the file named so is not a development of the above company. To remove Jucheck.exe trojan, as well as other unwanted computer residents, click here to run free scan.

Juckeck.exe removal tool:

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