Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Softwareea.com hijacker removal

Softwareea.com page will finally become the only one accessible, if you have seen this website at least once and the website has been opened by browser hijacker infection. This odd definition means that the browser might be infected with malicious code that stage-by-stage restricts websites available for visiting. Sometimes, even a single visit to that website betrays the infection, but it might as well be a casual redirection via network traps.
The page in question is used as an advertisement and market place for another phony system utility. (Antivirus Scan)  Removal of Softwareea.com related phony software, as well as the hijacker, is subject to professional approach. Automated tool is preferable. Click here to get rid of Softwareea.com related infections by malware watchers approved software.

Softwareea.com screenshot:

Softwareea.com removal tool:

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