Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Remove Security Shield (SecurityShield) as Nothings is better than False

No protection is better than false protection, so how to treat Security Shield (SecurityShield), if the program pretending to protect computer systems badly affects them.  The harm caused by the false protector is obviously intentional as many malicious acts are followed by alert accusing imaginary viruses or random virus names for that.
For instance, when trying to save changes in text document, users might experience freeze of the editor, e.g. MS Word. Then the alert is shown to accuse particular virus in being embedded into the ext editor code and causing its inability to save entered text.
The above is an example and is not always relevant, so that other programs might be blocked in your case.  Get rid of Security Shield to let other software run. Removal of Security Shield and free scan are provided by the virus remover available for download right here

Security Shield (SecurityShield) screenshot:

Security Shield remover:

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