Tuesday, September 9, 2008

XP Protector 2009 - new rogue. Removal Instructions

XP Protector 2009 or XPProtector 2009 attempts to reassure users in its reliability using many smart tactics. First of all, pay attention to the denomination of this rogue – you should know, I guess, what XP means; then, the game usually starts at web-sites like yahoo-us.info etc. The history repeats, as you might have already understood: at first the hackers utilize part of venerable brand name known as a name of popular operating system; further on, users are drawn into web-site containing in its name such names as google etc. Of course, there is no correlation between XP and Google and this pure malware. Then, things keep on developing in the same manner, since users after entering, for instance, the above web-site, can see misleading alert by XP Protector 2009 in a pretty same window with those usually generated by your system. BUT pay attention to slight differences in warnings generated by Widows XP and Vista. If you are running Vista, the chrome of your true system alerts would differ from those generated by this rogue and this is clear evidence that he alert was not generated by your system as it pretended to be.
Do not trust XP Protector 2009, this is a dangerous malware. Removal of XP Protector 2009 does not equal to its uninstalling. In order to get rid of XP Protector 2009 at all it is recommended to apply professional tool. Follow the link below in order to scan your system free of charge and remove XP Protector 2009 using Spyware Doctor + antivirus premium software!

XP Protector 2009 screenshot:

XP Protector 2009 automatical remover:

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