Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MasterAntivirus 2009 (MasterAntivirus 2009) Removal Help

MasterAntivirus 2009 (MasterAntivirus 2009) is not a trusted antispyware. Its promoters tries to push it through the web-site http://masterantivirus-2009.com. This site may be infected. Its visiting is not recommended. The cheeky rascals at every possible place of the above web-site put images similar to Microsoft and Windows logo. They even dared make a statement that they are certified partners of Microsoft. Remove MasterAntivirus 2009 (Master Antivirus 2009), all such “certificates” are obvious violations. Microsoft did not give them any right to use its logo and would never grant this to people promoting fake antispyware. Remember, it is very important, MasterAntivirus 2009 (Master Antivirus 2009) removal is needed not only to throw the useless trash away but, first of all, to eliminate a serious threat that MasterAntivirus 2009 (Master Antivirus 2009) is. Unless you get rid of MasterAntivirus 2009 (Master Antivirus 2009), system operates with frequent errors and very slow. Overall collapse is thus just a matter of time. We recommend Spyware Doctor to scan your PC free of charge in order to detect this and other threats in a good time. Following the scan, proceed to malware / viruses removal, if any threat found.

MasterAntivirus 2009 screenshot:

MasterAntivirus 2009 automatical remover download:

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