Tuesday, June 24, 2008

How to remove Free-viruscan.com - Free-viruscan.com Remover

Free-viruscan.com (http://free-viruscan.com/id/4912933/4/1/) is the latest browser hijacker affiliated with Zlob trojan and IEAntivirus 3.2 fake malware remover. It will generate fake spyware detection reports and malwarescans to scare you and force to download and purchase IE Antivirus 3.2 (and other rogues). Use SpywareDoctor + antivirus to remove Free-viruscan.com hijacker from your PC.

Free-viruscan.com screenshot:

Free-viruscan.com automatical remover:


singaporean said...

f bast ards! gave my com lots of prob

Anonymous said...

just do a quick restore and it removes it

start>help and support>..undo changes to your computer with a system restore.

and they even had a google branded page on one of the pages saying download it here