Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IEAntiVirus 3.2 - new variant of IEDefender. Be aware!

IEAntVirus 3.2 is the latest clone of IEDefender and MalwareBell.IEAntiVirus may trick you into buying its promoted commercial anti-spyware program version. Once IEAntiVirus trojan gets inside your system, it installs an incon in your system tray. IEAntiVirus may also hijack your browser by changing your homepage. IEAntiVirus malicious application will also deliver fake notification messages that your computer is at risk in order to tempt you to buy its full version.
We recomend to use automatical removal tool to delete IEAntivirus from your machine.

IEAntiVirus 3.2 screenshot:

IEAntiVirus 3.2 automatical removal tool:

IEAntiVirus 3.2 manual removal instructions:
Remove IEAntiVirus 3.2 files:
IE AntiVirus 3.2.lnk

Remove IEAntiVirus 3.2 registry entries:
Uninstall\IE AntiVirus
”antispy” = “C:\Program Files\IEAntiVirus\ieav.exe”

1 comment:

Sudhanshu S Mishra said...

i did those manual steps, though infection didnot go. Then just did simple thing like clicking start/programs/accessories/system tools/system restore. Then restored the system in just a previous system's restore point. Restarted the system and got a happy landing... try it if infected by ieantivirus or iedefender...