Saturday, April 26, 2008

SpywareDestructor - new rogue, AntiSpywareExpert clone

SpywareDestructor may be another rogue anti-spyware program. Like other rogue antispyware, SpywareDestructor may tease you with a false security alert popping up from your system tray. When you click this alert, you may be taken to SpywareDestructor ’s site. At SpywareDestructor ’s site, even if you don’t choose to download SpywareDestructor, SpywareDestructor may silently download and install itself onto your computer. SpywareDestructor may also recreate itself, making it tough to manually remove. SpywareDestructor is the clone of well-known AntiSpywareExpert crapware.
We recomend to download automatical removal tool to get rid of this dangerous malware.

Download SpywareDestructor automatical removal tool:

SpywareDestructor screenshots:
SpywareDestructor web-site (
SpywareDestructor fake security warning:

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Matthew said...

Thanks. I clicked the x on the ad and it still popped up. I closed my browser though and disabled my WiFi.