Tuesday, December 10, 2013

SearchSettings.exe removal to target suspicious and annoying adware marketed as a search add-on

SearchSettings.exe is a part of malware that spies after you. You have agreed upon that according to the Terms of Use available on the adware’s website – of course, if you have got this adware installed on your PC. The applet in question is called Spigot, inc.
The spying extends to collecting various information from the browsers you use which is presumably used to match the ads they are going to show you with that you are interested in judging by what you are browsing for. Naturally you would not be happy to disclose detailed information to third parties, yet there is no guarantee for your private data is not going to be used beyond a mere innocent advertising.
This being said, the adware is rather infamous for a toolbar it adds and search and other Internet settings it affects. Last but not least, you cannot remove SearchSettings.exe by using an extermination technique that would do for a legit piece of software.
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