Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Get rid of Better Surf (BetterSurf) ads as an intrusive extra commercial layer covering the websites you browse through

Better Surf (BetterSurf) ads add to the websites extra third party commercial layer, while their original advertisement content may already be quite significant. That is, in the opinion of this product publisher, the more commercials you are forced to watch online, the better. Do you disagree? If you do, remove Better Surf ads hijacker installed on your PC.
The installation is made as you load something from the Internet. This may include free software, movies, books, and games, basically anything that can be deposited for loading. The adware publishers claim they always declare the fact of its addition and demand from antimalware vendors not to serve Better Surf ads ads removal under that pretext. Many follow the requests so that users are left face-to-face with this advertising monster.
Fortunately, free scanner available here is a salvation. Grab, download, run it, and you will kill the bustard in a snap.

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