Thursday, September 26, 2013

Get rid of Police Fédérale Belge virus that exploits name of the force to scare users into paying money as though they have committed some web crime

Police Fédérale Belge is now a critical virus. How comes? Very easy. Just take a decent malicious code capable of generating popups and concoct an image, put some references to articles of law across it and title it with the name of Belgium Police.
This garbage is spread through redirects to exploit websites and other ways inherent to malware. Once inside a target PC, the rogue changes its registry and settings so that it would be able to start and block computer systems to the extent when nearly all user can do is to stare at this misleading popup that says it is a police alert.
A victim is prompted to pay Euro 100. Method of payment is either UKASH or Paysafecord, both ensure the payee’s identity is not disclosed. Beware that paying this so called fine for web crime is neither legitimate nor effective way to get rid of Police Fédérale Belge scamware. Removal of Police Fédérale Belge ransomware is now available with free scanner to be downloaded here

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