Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Remove FBI Moneygram Virus that shows fake FBI Cybercrime Division alert

FBI Moneygram Virus is a US targeting scam. The hackers are head-quartered outside America, yet they do not act through a common center, which badly aggravates their detection and thus detention.
It is a scam true to its earlier counterparts. This time, it speaks on behalf of FBI Cybercrime Division, which has since that become another common name for the plaque.
As always, victims are accused of violating specific articles of Law e.g. Article 1, Section 2, Clause 8,Copyright and Related Rights Law. This time the declared fine amount equals to USD 300, which is a bit more than usual bet in this dirty game.
Needles to say, removal of FBI Moneygram Virus is the only reasonable option where your PC is affected by this ransomware. Free scanner available here is a timely help for you to get rid of FBI Moneygram Virus for good and in a good time.

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