Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Get rid of Hadopi virus that claims you are a criminal

Hadopi malware (Ransomware) targets French segment of the worldwide web. It is meant to persuade users that their activities undergo the classification of a criminal offence, namely that the way user handles data available from the web is a piracy.
The virus locks a PC and demands a ransom promising to drop the charges (as though the virus is an authorized agent by French Court). The so called fee is to be paid using one of payment systems that allow for anonymity between payer and payee so that it is very complicated to track back the rascals by analyzing the payment details.
It is not their intension to unlock any PC whether the victim satisfies their demands. Free scanner available here is to satisfy your need, if applicable, to remove Hadopi virus. The removal of Hadopi virus is safe and abandons no leftovers (e.g. registry entries that would otherwise slow down your PC). 

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