Thursday, February 3, 2011

Remove hijacker and related fraudware

You can find at least one virus  harming your PC, if experience repeated  (at any frequency) appearances of  the website specified in the title above in your browser window. The point  is that the website’s visitors, at least, a significant part of them, tend to open this URL more than once. Since such behavior does not correspond to average user’s profile, the conclusion is that many users need to watch this website against their will. This is possible thanks to the redirection agent, which is a virus targeting web-browser. It is the hijacker that makes of users involuntary fans of this website.
Removal of page from the list of pages to be opened without user’s  order is recommended, because of the content of this page. If its content has been uploaded, system disinfection should also cover its deletion (Antivirus. Net fake system security tool removal). Click here to get rid of threats. screenshot: removal tool:

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Thomas said...

Hi Roman, we are a company from Lithuania. Recently we started working on our new project I would like to know if we could exchange links?
I understand that our website is still new, but it's a long term project and we are working hard on it. After visiting your website I thought that in the long term link exchange would be beneficial for both websites.

Best regards
Thomas Bearman