Thursday, August 27, 2009

Green AV (GreenAV) Removal

Green AV (GreenAV), despite of its name, is a program very similar to those which it is to protect you from. Green AV is often downloaded and installed by means of trojan of Vundo type. In any case, its downloading and installation are illegal as they are always based on the misleading ads. In case of trojan installation, a user is duped to download the Green AV backdoor installer as he/she takes the trojan for certain object it pretends to be like codec or media file etc. In case of manual installation and downloading hackers trap user with system of misleading links leading to Green AV websites where the rogue is available for downloading. Remove Green AV irrespective of the way of its downloading and installation as this program detects only imaginary names in its own database which are then put into scan results tables. Of course, these results have no relation to the true spyware and viruses actually residing at your computer system. Get rid of Green AV and do not follow its delusion.
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Green AV screenshot:

Green AV removal tool (Spyware Doctor):

Green AV manual removal guide
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Delete Green AV registry entries:
Green AV

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