Wednesday, April 29, 2009

CoreGuard Antivirus 2009 - latest fake security software

CoreGuard Antivirus 2009 (Core Guard 2009) neither creates a shield to protect computer system from intruders nor removes already existing infections, especially well-protected from detection and removal viruses. Besides, merest infections are also not detected by Core Guard 2009, owing to the software simply does not inspect computer system but plays a movie concocted in advance with results known, naturally, prior to the installation of Core Guard 2009.
Remove Core Guard 2009 as useless and dangerous program that, in addition, tempt to mislead you into paying the corresponding registration fee. Core Guard 2009 is a member of rogue antispyware family of clones with most notorious members Virus Doctor, Extra Antivirus, Virus Sweeper, and VirusMelt. Some nag screens and alerts of Core Guard 2009 may refer to any of these programs due to the blind of developers as Core Guard 2009 was developed from the above rogues. Get rid of Core Guard 2009 annoying ads and repeating scans performing Core Guard 2009 removal or else the program may disorder your computer system up to collapse. Avoid using pop-up blockers as these programs do not remove Core Guard 2009 but adding to the problem. Click here to start free scan and remove Core Guard 2009 in a due way.

Core Guard 2009 screenshot:

Core Guard 2009 removal tool:

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PissedOff said...

The link doesn't remove the software. It does a scan, but then you have to pay $40. I've been digging around for 2 hours to remove this software, and nothing has worked. Please don't post links unless they're free and they work.