Sunday, March 2, 2008

MonaRonaDona virus - how to remove?

MonaRonaDona is a new fake virus message designed to scare user and force to purchase questionable anti-spyware products. MonaRonaDona will hijack your homepage and change title bar textt. Monaronadona is causing widespread havoc by infecting computers everywhere. If you are seeing your microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) browser showing strange behavior, such as a blue bar at the top with the text "Windows Live-MonaRonaDona" then your computer is infected too. Whatever you do, do NOT download and install the virus scanner named UniGray. That "scanner" is a scam, a non-working piece of software. The website tries to get you to register and pay for something that does nothing. We recomend to remove MonaRonaDona using Spyware Doctor antispyware.

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