Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SwiftCleaner - new malicious cleaner. Remove SwiftCleaner

SwiftCleaner is the latest software that pretends to be a PC cleaner that can remove all compromising data, cookies, temporary files and other unwanted information. But in real it's another rogue program that displays fake scan reports and warnings to trick you into buying it's full version. It can hijack your browser with www.swiftcleaner.com and show fake online scanners. We don’t recomend to download or install SwiftCleaner because it can open security backdoors and download additional spyware to track your keystrokes and steal private data. Download Spyware Doctor antispyware with free scan to remove this malware from your computer.

SwiftCleaner screenshots

SwiftCleaner web-site (www.swiftcleaner.com)

SwiftCleaner Removal Tool
SwiftCleaner manual removal instructions:
Remove SwiftCleaner files:

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Anonymous said...

This "your PC is infected" nonsense is a total lie. I don't even have a PC - I'm on a virus-immune Mac! The problem is also NOT with us viewers to certain sites that have this problem, but with the sites themselves.

I just click off to another site when I see those fake "PC cleaner" alerts, but the poor guy's site is still blocked for all other visitors. They need to find where that virus exists in their code and get rid of it.

I've noticed that a lot of dot coms have been hit by this amateurish ad scam lately.