Tuesday, December 18, 2007

VirusProtect review. How to remove VirusProtect infection?

So, what is VirusProtect?
This is the product of Russian hackers known as one of the best developers of malicious spyware in the world. It makes you nervous by annoying reminders (there is even special term (annoyware) for such programs as you should now about) like in the picture below:

Never download this “spyware”, please. Otherwise it may lead to irreversible PC damages before you find a really working remedy.

VirusProtect combines characteristics of spyware and adware, i.e. as adware it disturbs you with different alerts pushing to purchase licensed copy of the product and not allowing to concentrate on your activity. At the same time, some components of this malware are responsible for collecting of information disclosing your browsing pattern for further using by marketing experts. However, it is not the worst thing in it. You should be informed that VirusProtect acts as a virus, if your resistance to its banners and alerts seems to be sufficient to prevent from purchase of the application. Should we describe you how does virus run? It may do almost every kind of actions making your PC slower, crippling the most important applications, deleting files and folders. It is clear that VirusProtect developers are great prodigies, they are very skillful in the field of programming and their product is one of the most dangerous contemporary viruses as it combines worst traits of malware, but able to work as a virus as well. Perhaps, Trojan and VirusProtect developers are the same persons.

VirusProtect 3.8 snapshot

So, how can VirusProtect infect your PC?
The most widespread method of entering VirusProtect into your PC is… to make you download it. One can do so even without being previously infected just because it seems that PC runs not well enough. There are number of sites where you can download free scanning versions of VirusProtect. But we won’t list them below and you know why: even if somebody just visits such kind of sites only for browsing, it is very easy to get infected if the PC is not properly secured with reliable antivirus.
Another popular way of infecting is so called secret download. Almost everyone at least once downloaded some free programs like codec, activators, other applications or films, music etc. In this case the risk of getting free VirusProtect is not high as compared to direct downloading.
Third popular method is spamming. Our advice: never open untrustworthy message if it contains attachment with size over 1 Mb, or better never open any message with attachment from unknown sender.
PC also may be easily infected from external non-Internet sources like floppy disks, compact disks, i-Pods etc. Also, if hackers get access to your system via Internet, they may easily install VirusProtect without your permission.

So, how does VirusProtect run on your PC?
First of all, VirusProtect copies itself to few different locations to prevent own deleting. Thus, once installed this program, you may forget your dreams to delete it manually if you are a not an expert in the field of computer viruses.
Later on, VirusProtect starts to disturb you. At the beginning it is just rare reminders like alert messages in the far right bottom corner of the monitor. Then approximately in ten days in case of using PC 5 hours a day, thus, after 50 hours of actual working time, pop-up windows starts to appear. Today it is virtually impossible to get infected by VirusProtect version older than VirusProtect v.3.8 as almost all previous versions have been eliminated or found by us or our partners. If you were infected with old version, you should remember all those flashes and bleeping signals screaming inside your brain like noisy bitch. New version of VirusProtect is much blander. First of all VirusProtect v.3.8 introduces pop-up advertisement of such shy brands like Viagra, different sex-toys online shops, porno-sites (especially asstraffic.com). Unless you did not buy “Super Spyware” VirusProtect, when your monitor has displayed few adverts this product has already partly realized its mission.
At the same time, right after installation VirusProtect starts to detect which sites you visit and sends daily reports to its marketing center, ignoring your personal rights for privacy. Tip: don’t try to sue them, it is really difficult to find a man in SIBERIA.

So, how can VirusProtect harm your PC?
Developers of VirusProtect are very cool guys, but who knows whether they adopted their products to your operational system? We know: believe us, they would not waste their money for such a stupid thing. Moreover, these venerable citizens would be real assholes if they first invested in compatibility of VirusProtect to make your Windows or another system works without malfunctions, but then invested in development of applications to destabilize your system. VirusProtect is dangerous as a program which is not compatible with any operational system as well as it harms as a program that contains applications predestinated for destabilization of your PC.

Our investigations allowed to distinguish 3 quit distinct phases of VirusProtect:

1) Mostly Harmless. From 10 days to 3 months (5 hours of work a day, 3 of them with activated Internet connection – this stipulation will be applied further). VirusProtect starts to watch your Internet browsing almost immediately, but only in 2-3 days firs rare (once per 2- 3 days) alert reminders start to appear. Pop-up windows start to bother you in 7-50 days after infection. Main criteria of this era ending are visible to the average man decrease of operational system speed and strange behavior of applications.

2) Salmon of a Doubt. From 11 days to 4 months. VirusProtect constantly generates pop-up windows with adverts of different products and alert reminders. Sharp breakdown of system speed, almost all applications run with bugs and much slower than usual. It seems that during this period a user should understand that the system is going to collapse.

3) Collapse. It begins usually in 3 months after intrusion. Duration less than 2 days. It is almost impossible to use the system as pop-up windows and other alerts appear with intervals less then 5 minutes, system buzzes systematically. At the end of the phase it is extremely difficult to start up operational system, especially Windows.

So, how can you throw VirusProtect out of your PC.

A lot of companies in the web offer their solutions. But only we have been constantly watching the development of VirusProtect from the very beginning, and may foresee future steps of its developers.
If you want to remove VirusProtect with full and lifetime warranty, use professional remover. Our removal tool will scan your PC for free, and you should download it only when it is recommended.

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